Professor Dale Phillips

To Educate, Edify, Enrich, and Enlighten
Seize the day, but don't leave bruises
Fail fast, understand why ... learn faster

Persuading computers since they were 8 bits old. Systems Analyst and Developer, Project Manager, Unix and Windows Systems Admin, Database Administrator and Programmer, etc ...
MBA - Northcentral University, AZ. - Applied Computer Science
MBA - University La Verne, CA. - Leadership
BA - Western Illinois University, IL. - General Studies
AA - Modesto Junior College, CA. - Music
Digital Electronics - Cleveland Institute of Electronics, OH.
Industry Certifications:
PMP - Project Management Professional (ret.)
IBM - Certified Specialist (AIX)
MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional
SCO ACE - (Santa Cruz Operations)
Technical Insterests:
Linux, Open Source, the power of programming, and their influence on neuroscience.
Office Location: MJC East Campus, Center for Advanced Technologies, Room 233 (CAT233)
Telephone: 209.575.6761
Email: phillipsd AT
LinkedIn: mjc logo


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